Mop Head (Brik-Pak)

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Color: Blue CLM-303MWB
Quantity: Each
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Our medium weight Brik-Pak wet mops offer a multitude of advantages to the consumer. Specifically the Brik-Pak packaging;
  • Offers up to 75% more product per case
  • Offers 75% more product per pallet
  • Assists in easier inventory count
  • Easier for shipping & handing
  • Brik-Pak packaging maintains the integrity of the mop yarn
 Red Blended Loopend CLM-303MWR Medium Wt. 12 cs.
Green General Cleaning CLM-303MWG Meduim Wt. 12 cs.
Blue General Cleaning CLM-303MWB Medium Wt. 12 cs.
Blue/White Floor Finish Application LM-203MCS Medium Wt. 12 cs.
White General Cleaning CLM-202BMW Medium Wt. 12cs.

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