Hardwound Paper Towels (TAD)

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Deep Reflection Hardwound Paper Towels for Long-Lasting Performance

Tired of constantly replacing paper towels? Our hard-wound paper towels offer a high-capacity solution for busy kitchens, offices, and workshops.

Here's why you'll love our hardwound paper towels them:

  • Massive Capacity: One hard-wound roll holds the equivalent of multiple regular rolls, keeping you stocked up for longer.
  • Fewer Replenishments: Enjoy the convenience of less frequent roll changes, saving you time and effort.
  • Strong and Absorbent: Made with thick, absorbent paper, they help clean up spills and messes with ease.
  • Economical Choice: The bulk quantity provides a cost-effective option for high-traffic areas.
  • Compatible with Most Dispensers: Universally sized to fit most standard hard-wound paper towel dispensers.

Our hardwound paper towels a Perfect match for:

  • Restaurants and Food Service: Efficiently handle spills and clean up messes in kitchens and dining areas.
  • Offices and Break Rooms: Keep employees stocked up and reduce waste with fewer roll changes.
  • Workshops and Garages: Tackle greasy hands, spills, and cleaning tasks.
  • Schools and Daycares: Durable and absorbent for high-traffic areas with frequent clean-ups.

Browse our selection and find the perfect paper towel solution for your needs!

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